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Foster Care

Our staff of experienced professionals all share the common goal of aiding our communities.


IHC of Georgia partners with many outside agencies including but not limited to the Department of Children and Family Services, Department of Juvenile Justice and many other private agencies. We oversee multiple centers where the client can have supervised visits in a family oriented setting.

Restoring Quality Time

Our locations are designed to provide a home feeling and safe environment, where families can enjoy a healthy, clean and cozy setting. Our locations offer a variety of activities for parents to engage with their children. We promote healthy activities to build positive relationships and move towards reunification. We offer a wide range of services from Healthy cooking classes from Le Cordon Bleu to Garden Therapy to Basic parenting skills

Visitation Centers

Our visitation centers are also available to children involved in custody disputes. In cases involving separation, divorce, protective orders, or custody disputes, our program provides the opportunity for private pay clients to have supervised, documented visitation with a trained professional. We can also provide Observation forms to judges or attorneys as needed as well as the ability to provide testimonials for private pay clients.

Foster Care Services
Foster Care Services
• Therapeutic Bed and Breakfast for Kids
• Supervised Visitation
• Detailed and Objective Documentation of Visits
• Visit Coordination
• Parent Education
• Child Transportation
• Children Activities
Become A Foster Parent
If you wish to go ahead and start the process to become a foster parent, please download and fill out the five page Prospective Foster Parent Inquiry Form below.

Once completed, please email to
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Emergency Placement
IHC of Georgia also serves as a Child Placing Agency as well as an Emergency Placement Facility.

We have multiple homes where we accept boys and girls from the ages of 8 years old to 18 years of age.

Children are placed in a fully functional home where they receive mentoring and guidance. Coupled with the IHC health facility we can also provide the counseling and therapy needed to aid them in adjusting to their new life in our homes.

When children are placed with us we believe that it is necessary to maintain some connection to their past lives so we offer transportation to their previous schools when needed as well as facilitating the visitation of their biological parents and other family members.
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